Danieli Corporation is the American Representative of
Danieli & C. SpA
located in Buttrio, Italy

Electrolytic Tin / Chrome

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If you produce tin mill products, there is a high probability that you have a Danieli Wean Electrolytic Tin/Chrome line. Danieli Wean United lines account for  about 80% of the world's tin plate production. This unparalleled experience began with our work on the world's first commercial-width electrolytic tinning line, developed by United States Steel Corporation and installed in 1937.

Since then, Danieli Wean United has designed and built every type of processing line used in tin plate production: coil preparation,  electrolytic cleaning and annealing, all three types of electrolytic tinning (phenolsulfonic acid, halogen, and alkaline), electrolytic chrome plating or tin-free steel (TFS), side trimming and  inspection, tin plate shearing and classifying, sheet sorting, sheet  packaging, and coil packaging.

Meeting the needs of can makers has triggered many trends in the industry, including the switch from sheet to coil shipments, differential plating, continuous annealing, double cold reduced  (DCR) tin plate, and tension leveling. Danieli Wean United has been at the  forefront of these developments, and we intend to be in a leadership  position on all future challenges.