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Tension Leveling

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Customers are demanding a much greater degree of flatness that can only be achieved by tension leveling.

Flat strip tracks better, plates better, coats better, and can be coiled tighter. You can increase line speeds, reduce  downtime, and lower roll maintenance costs.

A  Danieli Wean United tension leveling scale breaker in a pickling line not only flattens the strip, but also increases pickling efficiency by almost one third.

Tension leveling systems for galvanizing lines may incorporate surface conditioning mills that flatten the spangle, ensure more uniform paint coatings, enhance paint adherence, and temper the strip surface.

It is fairly easy to add tension leveling to existing tinning lines because the unitized leveler and bridle take up so little space. Despite their small size, they provide some big advantages:

leveling the strip without creating residual stresses.
1.it is easier to guide the strip through the line.
     2.the plating is more uniform.
     3.there is  less possibility of strip or conductor roll damage from arcing.