Danieli Corporation is the American Representative of
Danieli & C. SpA
located in Buttrio, Italy


Danieli Corporation
600 Cranberry Woods Drive
Suite 200
Cranberry Township, PA 16066
Tel: 724.778.5400
Fax: 724.778.5401
Email: sales@danielicorp.com



Danieli  Wean United is a world leader when it comes to designing and manufacturing quality galvanizing lines. Our experience in galvanizing extends to thirty-five countries, over six continents. We build lines that can meet your galvanizing specifications with  strip sizes up to 72 inches wide and beyond.

Danieli Wean United produces galvanizing lines for zinc-coated strip  for use in automobiles, appliances, home-building, building products, and many of today's demanding products. Coils can be produced in a wide range of properties that include ductility, coating weights, and surface treatment. Because of this experience, we produce more galvanizing lines than all our competitors combined.

Some Firsts in Galvanized Coating:

First Cook-Norteman Lines
First Dedicated Zinc-Aluminum  Line
First Minimum Spangle Coating
First Moveable Coating Pots
First Steam/Air Knives to Replace Rolls
First High-Speed Scrap Bailers
First Strip Side-Notchers