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Danieli QSP: success continues
Two contracts signed in three days at Baosteel Meishan, P.R. of China, and Lucchini (Severstal Group) in Italy bring to 80% Danieli’s market share for Thin Slab Casting and Rolling plants in the last two years.
Moreover, the extremely demanding targets of these two projects confirm that the world’s top steelmakers trust Danieli’s innovative technologies and reliability to set new and advanced market standards.

Baosteel Group Shanghai Meishan Co. Ltd.
According to the agreement with Baosteel Co., Ltd. signed on 30 June, 2008, Danieli will supply the main operation line for the Meishan Thin Slab Continuous Casting and Rolling Project (BSP), one of the most important projects in the eleventh Five-Year Plan of Baosteel Co., Ltd.
This will mark Baosteel’s first introduction to the technology for continuous casting and rolling of thin slabs, to produce up to 2.5 Mtpy of low-, medium-, high-carbon, peritectic steel grades, and HSLA grades.
Moreover, about 25% of the production is made up of Si-steel NOG grades, with a Si content of up to 3.2%.
Major targets of the BSP project are plant flexibility and capacity of production of silicon NOG grades, as well as low transformation costs.
The new production line will be located in Meishan works, and will be based on Danieli’s QSP-Quality Strip Plant consolidated design concept and technology.

Flexible Thin Slab continuous Caster (fTSC)
The casting plant consists of a twin-strand thin slab caster conceived for the production of 70 mm and 55 mm thick slabs (after Dynamic Soft Reduction), 900 to 1650 mm wide.
The caster design features the well-known Danieli vertical-curved concept, makes available a wide thickness range, and allows optimized casting conditions according to the productivity and quality requirements of the mill, depending of the steel grades and strip thickness produced.
The Meishan BSP caster will include all the cutting edge Danieli technological solutions embodied in the Danieli fTSC concept (flexible Thin Slab Casting) for thin slab production, such as:
> The patented, long-funnel Danieli H2 (High quality, High speed) mold;
> INMO hydraulic oscillation design;
> Complete thermal mapping in mold;
> Dynamic soft reduction based on Liquid Pool positioning mathematical model;
> Dynamic air-mist secondary cooling.

Moreover, the caster represents one of the first applications of Danieli’s fourth-generation fTSC concept, specifically designed for high-speed applications, featuring:
> innovative roll diagram dynamic bulging-free;
> advanced “high efficiency” new concept in secondary cooling.

Compact hot strip mill
The hot strip mill will produce strips 900 to 1,650 mm wide and 1.0 - 6.35 (12.7) mm thick strip in coils weighing up to 30 t.
The compact plant configuration is based on a two-stand non-reversing rougher coupled with a five-stand finishing mill, and also will include:
> high pressure descaler;
> vertical edger;
> drum crop shear;
> Intensive strip cooling and descaler;
> 29 WaterWall cooling headers;
> two downcoilers;
> Coil conveyor system.

Electrics and automation
Danieli Automation will design and supply all automation and process control systems for the casting and rolling areas, providing the customer with an integrated and optimized system configuration that will improve plant efficiency.

According to Baosteel-Meishan plans, the new facility will be put in operation by end of 2010.

Lucchini QSP: the most modern hot strip plant in Europe

In July 2008 Danieli was awarded by Lucchini (Severstal Group) the order for a complete new minimill complex to be installed at Piombino works, Italy.
The project is a very strategic one because it represents the first step of Lucchini in the field of flat product production, and will be a fundamental development for the future of the company.
The target is to reach a full production capability up to 1.7 Mtpy of coils of high-quality steel with just one strand caster coupled with a high-tech hot strip mill.
Lucchini, which operates in a highly demanding and extremely competitive market, looked for the best technology available for the production of a high-level product mix (the steel quality suitable for automotive applications) covering the most demanding steel grades, such as HSLA, Dual Phase steel and API grades, to ensure the effectiveness of such an investment, and to be a front-runner in its field in Europe.
After a long technical evaluation, Danieli QSP (Quality strip production) was considered the only technology suitable for such an ambitious mix of high-quality products and high level production.
In fact, the decision was taken according to the following “musts”:
> High production level with only one strand caster;
> Capability to cast a wide product mix with high-level steel grades, in stable conditions;
> Mill configuration able to achieve superior control for surface quality and temperature control;
> Easy and fast startup to quickly reach the full capability and full product mix;
> Capability to produce special grades such as API and Dual Phase steels;
> Proven technology and reliable equipment to eliminate any risk of investment.

The plant layout also had to consider the technological requirements and constraints of existing facilities at Piombino.
Danieli’s scope of supply will extend from the thin slab caster to the coil storage area, including all technological equipment, auxiliary systems, electrical devices, and Level 1 and Level 2 automation and process control system.
The plant configuration is mainly composed by the following units:

flexible thin slab caster (fTSC) :
The wide product mix includes low-, medium-, and high-carbon steel, but a specific emphasis has been given to HSLA grades that will account for 60% of the total yearly production.
Slab width will range from 900 to 1,600 mm.
In order to maximize the plant productivity, a final slab thickness of 90 mm at caster exit, after Dynamic Soft Reduction, has been selected, starting from 110 mm at mold exit.
Considering slab thickness and plant productivity, the caster containment length is among the longest fTSCs ever designed, with its 15.8 m and 10 segments installed, with provision for an additional segment 11, for future plant productivity increase.
The casting complex layout is already conceived for the future installation of a second casting strand in a further development stage of the plant.

Main caster features:
> Butterfly ladle turret for 120-ton ladle;
> Patented, long funnel-shaped mold (H2 mold) designed for future installation of electromagnetic flow control system;
> Mold breakout prevention system with thermocouples and complete thermal mapping;
> 5-m machine radius, vertical curved design;
> New roll diagram with optimized roll diameter and pitch, for casting at up to 6.0 mpm;
> Patented Dynamic Soft Reduction with Liquid Pool Control System;
> Air-mist secondary cooling with dynamic control and high-efficiency spray nozzles;
> Air-oil lubrication system on all segments;
The Lucchini Severstal plant represents a further step in thin slab casting technology for high quality and high productivity plants.
In fact, based on customer input and in order to ensure maximal productivity flexibility, the caster is designed with a casting capability up to about 1.9 Mtpy (subject to the availability of liquid steel) that is the highest value ever considered for a single casting line through the thin slab process route.
The roll diagram design of the machine fully considers the new developments in “ultra high-speed casting” of the last generation of Danieli fTSC, in terms of roll containment and dynamic bulging prevention measures, as adopted in new thin slab casters at Posco and Baosteel Meishan, also supplied by Danieli.
A rotary descaler is foreseen at the caster exit, for removal of primary scale from the slab surface using high-pressure and low flow rate water before the entrance of the tunnel furnace, for a substantial improvement of slab surface for high-quality steel grades.

Hot rolling mill
The strip produced will have widths and thicknesses ranging between 900 and 1600 mm and between 1.0 and 15 mm, respectively.
The the state-of-the-art Danieli hot rolling mill will be mainly composed of:
> One-strand, 140-m long tunnel furnace will be equipped with an advanced temperature control system to guarantee the slab temperature uniformity at the entry of the hot strip mill;
> Two continuous roughing stands with vertical edger and high-pressure (380 bar) descaling box;
> Heated transfer table (HTT) between roughing mill area and finishing mill area. This will give the plant a plus for temperature control to reach the appropriate condition at the entry of finishing mill width a more stable rolling condition also for light gauge production;
Moreover, having the roughing mill and finishing mill separated by the HTT will make it possible to roll in dual step, to have the maximum flexibility for the production of special steel such as API grades.
The finishing mill will be equipped with all the last generation devices to assure the coil quality, such as high-pressure descaling system, HAGC, bending, shifting, shaped roll technology, automatic work roll change, controlled roll cooling with RTC system and on-line strip surface inspection system.
At the exit of finishing mill a long run-out table with controlled strip cooling section will allow production of dual-phase steel and bainitic steels with special cooling patterns.
The downcoiler will be designed for low-temperature coiling and high-tension control adapted for such a wide product mix.
The coil handling facility will be equipped with a circumferential and radial strapping machine, robotic marking machine, and coil inspection station.

The decision to adopt the QSP layout configuration in Lucchini plant (which will be the most modern plant in Europe) was based on the proven result obtained on well-known Danieli reference plants, such as North Star BlueScope Steel (USA), Algoma Steel (Canada), Ezz Flat Steel (Egypt), and OMK (Russia) now in commissioning phase.
The milestones of the project are:
> Contract signature: July 2008;
> Start of installation: (February 2010) (18 months from signature of the contract);
> First coil: (February 2011) (after 30 months from signature of the contract);
> Full production after 6 months from first coil.

New Danieli Davy Distington slab caster at Ning Bo I&S,  P.R. of China

In May 2008, Ning Bo Iron and Steel Co. Ltd. awarded Danieli Davy Distington the order for its new slab caster, to be installed at its production site in Ning Bo city, Zhejiang Province.

The new caster is a twin-strand high-tech machine, conceived to cast prime-quality slabs to feed both hot strip mill and plate mil, with a production of 2 Mtpy.

Product mix covers slab thicknesses ranging from 210 to 300 mm, while widths range from 1200 to 2300 mm, the latter for plate applications.

The mix of steel grades covers the range of applications for heavy plates, from shipbuilding to boiler and pressure container, pipeline (including API X70 and X80), bridge and weather-resistant building steels.
In terms of chemical analysis, low-, medium-, and high-carbon, peritectic and microalloyed grades are included.

The new machine is a vertical-curved two-strand caster, designed to cast steel ladles with a max capacity of 200 t, equipped with a bottom feeding dummy bar system.

The caster roll features a vertical curved design with 2.6-m vertical length, 9.5-m main radius, multiple split rolls and continuous bending and unbending profile.

The caster containment length is about 29 m and allows casting speeds of up to 1.5 mpm, according to steel grade and slab size.

The caster features all Danieli technological features, including patented Danieli INMO mold with in-line width and taper adjustment capability, complete mold thermal mapping for automatic breakout prevention, hydraulic oscillation, air-mist secondary cooling controlled by Level 2 dynamic mathematical modem, and Danieli OPTIMUM segments for the application of dynamic soft reduction process with liquid pool prediction mathematical model.

From the statistical point of view, with this order Danieli Davy Distington reference list increases to 145 strands, 52 of them awarded in the past three years.

New Danieli plate mill at Jiang Yin Xin Cheng Special Steel Works, P.R. of China

Just three months after the order of the new plate/Steckel mill, Jiang Yin Xin Cheng Special Steel Works Co. Ltd. (JYXC) awarded Danieli an order to supply its new “Plate Mill 4300,” to be installed at a greenfield site near the existing facilities.

The mill will produce up to 1.65 Mtpy of discrete plates in a wide range of steel grades for structural, HSLA, anti-corrosion, bridge, off-shore, pipeline, shipbuilding, mechanical construction, vessel, and boiler applications.

Most part of the product mix will be thermo-mechanical rolled products (or plates for further heat treatment), while normal rolled steel will account for only 22.4% of the product mix.

The plate mill will roll both slabs (up to 300 mm thickness) and ingots (up to 1000 mm thickness) for the production of high-quality plates that range in thickness from 6 to 300 mm, and final trimmed width will be between 900 mm and 4100 mm.

Ingot rolling accounts for 300,000 tpy, and it is particularly suitable for the thickest plates of HSLA, mechanical construction, boiler and containers steel.

The plate mill will include three reheating furnaces for slabs, a battery of pit furnaces for ingots, and a high-pressure water descaler; vertical edger, specifically designed to roll the ingots; reversing roughing stand; reversing finishing stand; pre-leveler, direct quenching system; accelerated cooling system; hot plate leveller; cooling beds; crop shear, rocking type; double-side trimming shear, rocking type; dividing shear, rocking type.
High-pressure water descalers will be installed at the entry and exit side of both mill stands.

The shearing line is designed to side trim and cut to length the plates up to 50 mm thickness.

All shears will be rocking type and will guarantee optimal final dimension tolerances, as well as superior edge quality.

The finishing line also includes four cooling beds, ultrasonic inspection station, surface inspection beds, plate turning device, marking and stamping, plate piling and handling facilities.

A separate, thick plate shearing and finishing area and a complete heat treatment area complete JYXC’sambitious new Plate Mill 4300 project.

Danieli Automation will supply the complete Level 1 and Level 2 automation system for the rolling area and the control of the individual equipment for the finishing and shearing line.

The first final plate is scheduled to be produced by the fourth quarter of 2009, just 20 months after the contract placement.