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Danieli QSP: success continues
Two contracts signed in three days at Baosteel Meishan, P.R. of China, and Lucchini (Severstal Group) in Italy bring to 80% Danieli’s market share for Thin Slab Casting and Rolling plants in the last two years.
Moreover, the extremely demanding targets of these two projects confirm that the world’s top steelmakers trust Danieli’s innovative technologies and reliability to set new and advanced market standards.

Baosteel Group Shanghai Meishan Co. Ltd.
According to the agreement with Baosteel Co., Ltd. signed on 30 June, 2008, Danieli will supply the main operation line for the Meishan Thin Slab Continuous Casting and Rolling Project (BSP), one of the most important projects in the eleventh Five-Year Plan of Baosteel Co., Ltd.
This will mark Baosteel’s first introduction to the technology for continuous casting and rolling of thin slabs, to produce up to 2.5 Mtpy of low-, medium-, high-carbon, peritectic steel grades, and HSLA grades.
Moreover, about 25% of the production is made up of Si-steel NOG grades, with a Si content of up to 3.2%.
Major targets of the BSP project are plant flexibility and capacity of production of silicon NOG grades, as well as low transformation costs.
The new production line will be located in Meishan works, and will be based on Danieli’s QSP-Quality Strip Plant consolidated design concept and technology.

Flexible Thin Slab continuous Caster (fTSC)
The casting plant consists of a twin-strand thin slab caster conceived for the production of 70 mm and 55 mm thick slabs (after Dynamic Soft Reduction), 900 to 1650 mm wide.
The caster design features the well-known Danieli vertical-curved concept, makes available a wide thickness range, and allows optimized casting conditions according to the productivity and quality requirements of the mill, depending of the steel grades and strip thickness produced.
The Meishan BSP caster will include all the cutting edge Danieli technological solutions embodied in the Danieli fTSC concept (flexible Thin Slab Casting) for thin slab production, such as:
> The patented, long-funnel Danieli H2 (High quality, High speed) mold;
> INMO hydraulic oscillation design;
> Complete thermal mapping in mold;
> Dynamic soft reduction based on Liquid Pool positioning mathematical model;
> Dynamic air-mist secondary cooling.

Moreover, the caster represents one of the first applications of Danieli’s fourth-generation fTSC concept, specifically designed for high-speed applications, featuring:
> innovative roll diagram dynamic bulging-free;
> advanced “high efficiency” new concept in secondary cooling.

Compact hot strip mill
The hot strip mill will produce strips 900 to 1,650 mm wide and 1.0 - 6.35 (12.7) mm thick strip in coils weighing up to 30 t.
The compact plant configuration is based on a two-stand non-reversing rougher coupled with a five-stand finishing mill, and also will include:
> high pressure descaler;
> vertical edger;
> drum crop shear;
> Intensive strip cooling and descaler;
> 29 WaterWall cooling headers;
> two downcoilers;
> Coil conveyor system.

Electrics and automation
Danieli Automation will design and supply all automation and process control systems for the casting and rolling areas, providing the customer with an integrated and optimized system configuration that will improve plant efficiency.

According to Baosteel-Meishan plans, the new facility will be put in operation by end of 2010.

Lucchini QSP: the most modern hot strip plant in Europe

In July 2008 Danieli was awarded by Lucchini (Severstal Group) the order for a complete new minimill complex to be installed at Piombino works, Italy.
The project is a very strategic one because it represents the first step of Lucchini in the field of flat product production, and will be a fundamental development for the future of the company.
The target is to reach a full production capability up to 1.7 Mtpy of coils of high-quality steel with just one strand caster coupled with a high-tech hot strip mill.
Lucchini, which operates in a highly demanding and extremely competitive market, looked for the best technology available for the production of a high-level product mix (the steel quality suitable for automotive applications) covering the most demanding steel grades, such as HSLA, Dual Phase steel and API grades, to ensure the effectiveness of such an investment, and to be a front-runner in its field in Europe.
After a long technical evaluation, Danieli QSP (Quality strip production) was considered the only technology suitable for such an ambitious mix of high-quality products and high level production.
In fact, the decision was taken according to the following “musts”:
> High production level with only one strand caster;
> Capability to cast a wide product mix with high-level steel grades, in stable conditions;
> Mill configuration able to achieve superior control for surface quality and temperature control;
> Easy and fast startup to quickly reach the full capability and full product mix;
> Capability to produce special grades such as API and Dual Phase steels;
> Proven technology and reliable equipment to eliminate any risk of investment.

The plant layout also had to consider the technological requirements and constraints of existing facilities at Piombino.
Danieli’s scope of supply will extend from the thin slab caster to the coil storage area, including all technological equipment, auxiliary systems, electrical devices, and Level 1 and Level 2 automation and process control system.
The plant configuration is mainly composed by the following units:

flexible thin slab caster (fTSC) :
The wide product mix includes low-, medium-, and high-carbon steel, but a specific emphasis has been given to HSLA grades that will account for 60% of the total yearly production.
Slab width will range from 900 to 1,600 mm.
In order to maximize the plant productivity, a final slab thickness of 90 mm at caster exit, after Dynamic Soft Reduction, has been selected, starting from 110 mm at mold exit.
Considering slab thickness and plant productivity, the caster containment length is among the longest fTSCs ever designed, with its 15.8 m and 10 segments installed, with provision for an additional segment 11, for future plant productivity increase.
The casting complex layout is already conceived for the future installation of a second casting strand in a further development stage of the plant.

Main caster features:
> Butterfly ladle turret for 120-ton ladle;
> Patented, long funnel-shaped mold (H2 mold) designed for future installation of electromagnetic flow control system;
> Mold breakout prevention system with thermocouples and complete thermal mapping;
> 5-m machine radius, vertical curved design;
> New roll diagram with optimized roll diameter and pitch, for casting at up to 6.0 mpm;
> Patented Dynamic Soft Reduction with Liquid Pool Control System;
> Air-mist secondary cooling with dynamic control and high-efficiency spray nozzles;
> Air-oil lubrication system on all segments;
The Lucchini Severstal plant represents a further step in thin slab casting technology for high quality and high productivity plants.
In fact, based on customer input and in order to ensure maximal productivity flexibility, the caster is designed with a casting capability up to about 1.9 Mtpy (subject to the availability of liquid steel) that is the highest value ever considered for a single casting line through the thin slab process route.
The roll diagram design of the machine fully considers the new developments in “ultra high-speed casting” of the last generation of Danieli fTSC, in terms of roll containment and dynamic bulging prevention measures, as adopted in new thin slab casters at Posco and Baosteel Meishan, also supplied by Danieli.
A rotary descaler is foreseen at the caster exit, for removal of primary scale from the slab surface using high-pressure and low flow rate water before the entrance of the tunnel furnace, for a substantial improvement of slab surface for high-quality steel grades.

Hot rolling mill
The strip produced will have widths and thicknesses ranging between 900 and 1600 mm and between 1.0 and 15 mm, respectively.
The the state-of-the-art Danieli hot rolling mill will be mainly composed of:
> One-strand, 140-m long tunnel furnace will be equipped with an advanced temperature control system to guarantee the slab temperature uniformity at the entry of the hot strip mill;
> Two continuous roughing stands with vertical edger and high-pressure (380 bar) descaling box;
> Heated transfer table (HTT) between roughing mill area and finishing mill area. This will give the plant a plus for temperature control to reach the appropriate condition at the entry of finishing mill width a more stable rolling condition also for light gauge production;
Moreover, having the roughing mill and finishing mill separated by the HTT will make it possible to roll in dual step, to have the maximum flexibility for the production of special steel such as API grades.
The finishing mill will be equipped with all the last generation devices to assure the coil quality, such as high-pressure descaling system, HAGC, bending, shifting, shaped roll technology, automatic work roll change, controlled roll cooling with RTC system and on-line strip surface inspection system.
At the exit of finishing mill a long run-out table with controlled strip cooling section will allow production of dual-phase steel and bainitic steels with special cooling patterns.
The downcoiler will be designed for low-temperature coiling and high-tension control adapted for such a wide product mix.
The coil handling facility will be equipped with a circumferential and radial strapping machine, robotic marking machine, and coil inspection station.

The decision to adopt the QSP layout configuration in Lucchini plant (which will be the most modern plant in Europe) was based on the proven result obtained on well-known Danieli reference plants, such as North Star BlueScope Steel (USA), Algoma Steel (Canada), Ezz Flat Steel (Egypt), and OMK (Russia) now in commissioning phase.
The milestones of the project are:
> Contract signature: July 2008;
> Start of installation: (February 2010) (18 months from signature of the contract);
> First coil: (February 2011) (after 30 months from signature of the contract);
> Full production after 6 months from first coil.

New Danieli Davy Distington slab caster at Ning Bo I&S,  P.R. of China

In May 2008, Ning Bo Iron and Steel Co. Ltd. awarded Danieli Davy Distington the order for its new slab caster, to be installed at its production site in Ning Bo city, Zhejiang Province.

The new caster is a twin-strand high-tech machine, conceived to cast prime-quality slabs to feed both hot strip mill and plate mil, with a production of 2 Mtpy.

Product mix covers slab thicknesses ranging from 210 to 300 mm, while widths range from 1200 to 2300 mm, the latter for plate applications.

The mix of steel grades covers the range of applications for heavy plates, from shipbuilding to boiler and pressure container, pipeline (including API X70 and X80), bridge and weather-resistant building steels.
In terms of chemical analysis, low-, medium-, and high-carbon, peritectic and microalloyed grades are included.

The new machine is a vertical-curved two-strand caster, designed to cast steel ladles with a max capacity of 200 t, equipped with a bottom feeding dummy bar system.

The caster roll features a vertical curved design with 2.6-m vertical length, 9.5-m main radius, multiple split rolls and continuous bending and unbending profile.

The caster containment length is about 29 m and allows casting speeds of up to 1.5 mpm, according to steel grade and slab size.

The caster features all Danieli technological features, including patented Danieli INMO mold with in-line width and taper adjustment capability, complete mold thermal mapping for automatic breakout prevention, hydraulic oscillation, air-mist secondary cooling controlled by Level 2 dynamic mathematical modem, and Danieli OPTIMUM segments for the application of dynamic soft reduction process with liquid pool prediction mathematical model.

From the statistical point of view, with this order Danieli Davy Distington reference list increases to 145 strands, 52 of them awarded in the past three years.

New Danieli plate mill at Jiang Yin Xin Cheng Special Steel Works, P.R. of China

Just three months after the order of the new plate/Steckel mill, Jiang Yin Xin Cheng Special Steel Works Co. Ltd. (JYXC) awarded Danieli an order to supply its new “Plate Mill 4300,” to be installed at a greenfield site near the existing facilities.

The mill will produce up to 1.65 Mtpy of discrete plates in a wide range of steel grades for structural, HSLA, anti-corrosion, bridge, off-shore, pipeline, shipbuilding, mechanical construction, vessel, and boiler applications.

Most part of the product mix will be thermo-mechanical rolled products (or plates for further heat treatment), while normal rolled steel will account for only 22.4% of the product mix.

The plate mill will roll both slabs (up to 300 mm thickness) and ingots (up to 1000 mm thickness) for the production of high-quality plates that range in thickness from 6 to 300 mm, and final trimmed width will be between 900 mm and 4100 mm.

Ingot rolling accounts for 300,000 tpy, and it is particularly suitable for the thickest plates of HSLA, mechanical construction, boiler and containers steel.

The plate mill will include three reheating furnaces for slabs, a battery of pit furnaces for ingots, and a high-pressure water descaler; vertical edger, specifically designed to roll the ingots; reversing roughing stand; reversing finishing stand; pre-leveler, direct quenching system; accelerated cooling system; hot plate leveller; cooling beds; crop shear, rocking type; double-side trimming shear, rocking type; dividing shear, rocking type.
High-pressure water descalers will be installed at the entry and exit side of both mill stands.

The shearing line is designed to side trim and cut to length the plates up to 50 mm thickness.

All shears will be rocking type and will guarantee optimal final dimension tolerances, as well as superior edge quality.

The finishing line also includes four cooling beds, ultrasonic inspection station, surface inspection beds, plate turning device, marking and stamping, plate piling and handling facilities.

A separate, thick plate shearing and finishing area and a complete heat treatment area complete JYXC’sambitious new Plate Mill 4300 project.

Danieli Automation will supply the complete Level 1 and Level 2 automation system for the rolling area and the control of the individual equipment for the finishing and shearing line.

The first final plate is scheduled to be produced by the fourth quarter of 2009, just 20 months after the contract placement.

Danieli Wean United hot skin-pass mill and coil dividing line to Usiminas Cosipa, Brazil

The new Danieli skin-passing facility will be installed in No. 2 Hot Strip Mill Plant of Usina José Bonifácio de Andrada e Silva, da Companhia Siderúrgica Paulista, in Cubatão, São Paulo. It’s expected to be operational by 2010-11.

The skin-passing facility comprises a skin-pass mill and a coil dividing line with related coil handling equipment, including cranes, high-speed transfer car, and storage saddles. Both lines will have a capacity of 800,000 tpy of HRC in carbon and alloy steels (max tensile strength of 800 MPa) on a three-shift basis, for a total of 1,600,000 tpy.

Strip width will range from 700 to 2050 mm, while thicknesses will range from 1.2 to 6.5 mm for the skin-pass mill, and 1.2 to 12.7 mm for the coil dividing line.

Danieli Automation will supply the electrical and automation systems, including Levels 1, 2, and 3, with mathematical models for pre-set, tracking of the current conditions, and self-adaptation of the mill and coil handling.

The order placed on September 1, 2008, confirms and strengthens Danieli Wean United’s market position as the leader in hot skin-pass mills, with the sixth order in one year.

Rocking-type side trimming shear for Bhilai Steel Plant, India

In August 2008 Danieli signed a contract with SAIL Bhilai for the complete supply of a rocking double-side trimming shear, to be installed at BSP at the existing location of circular trimming shear.

The double-side rocking-type trimming shear is based on the rolling cut principle with eccentric shaft and curved top knives, with a maximum static force of 6,000 kN. The new shear will process plates with widths from 1,150 to 3,450 mm and lengths from 5,000 to 30,000 mm, and is capable of covering the full range of thickness between 5 and 50 mm.

Electrical and automation packages will be supplied by Danieli Automation.

Processing of the first plate is expected in 24 months.

The Bhilai machine is the forth rocking side trimmer awarded to Danieli in a one year time.

Upgraded EAF started up at EZDK-Ezz Dikheila, Egypt

The existing 160-t EAF, revamped and upgraded by Danieli Centro Met with installation of the latest FastArc™ injection technology to improve the operational reliability and to increase its output to about 1.2 Mtpy, was started up successfully in August 2008.

Modification of the No. 1 EAF (located in the Alexandria meltshop, HR Flat Steel division), included the installation of new multi-point oxygen and carbon injectors, new shell with water-cooled panels and EBT design, and new Level 1 and 2 automation systems with dedicated PLC and HMI for automatic EAF process setting and control, and to interface with the existing ladle furnace and conticaster. The project also included the upgrading of the fume-treatment plant water-cooled duct.

Danieli slab conditioning line successfully commissioned at Baosteel Shanghai No. 1, P.R. of China

Danieli Centro Maskin (DCMK), in cooperation with Baosteel Shanghai No. 1, has established a new record in the slab conditioning market: only eight months from the contract coming into force to the first slab ground.
At the end of 2007, Baosteel awarded DCMK with an order for a slab conditioning line for stainless steel slabs. The project schedule was the most important factor in the contract placement, as Baosteel needed this line operating as soon as possible in order to cope with their increased casting capacity. DCMK was able to promise and then to deliver the line in five months, and to have a very smooth and fast startup of the line. The first slab was successfully processed in July 2008. This result was possible due to the high degree of standardization of the DCMK slab conditioning lines and to the long experience the company has developed in these processes, and also to the excellent collaboration with the Customer.

Danieli EWR® billet welding line for Beshay Steel, Egypt

The 400,000-tpy flexible Danieli mill presently under construction at Beshay Steel, will be completed with the addition of an EWR Endless Welding Rolling unit for on-line automatic head-to-tail flash-welding of 130-mm and 150-mm square billets, at rates of 80 tph.

This will enable the new mill to operate in endless rolling for uninterrupted production of 12 to 50-mm-dia quality round bars, 30 to 100-mm angles and channels, 80 to 120-mm beams and 30 to 150 mm flats, enhancing plant efficiency, productivity and production costs.

This order improves Danieli’s scorecard to a total of 20 EWR units supplied or under contract worldwide since 1997.

Danieli high-speed wire rod mill started up at Diler Demir Çeljk, Turkey.

The new 400,000-tpy Danieli high-speed wire rod mill installed at the 1.2-Mtpy steel complex in Gebze was started successfully at the end of July 2008, and entered the hot-commissioning stage.

Initially, the new mill will produce 5.5 to 18-mm-dia plain and 6 to 16-mm-dia deformed wire rod in 2.3-t coils of low-, medium-, high-carbon and alloy steel grades for a wide range of final applications, including mechanical engineering, drawing, cold heading, spring, bearing and tyre cord.

The single-strand wire rod mill, fed by a 100-tph Danieli Centro Combustion walking beam reheating furnace, is made up basically of a 18-stand SHS roughing/intermediate mill plus a 105-mps, 10-pass DWB finishing block and DSC controlled cooling line.   

A second stage mill completion (presently under construction and due for startup in early 2009, will include the installation of the straight bar production outlet, with 78-m-long cooling bed and associated entry and delivery/finishing facilities for bar bundles. This will make it possible to extend the product range to 8 to 50-mm-dia rebars and 16 to 40-mm-dia plain round bars, with provision for extending the range to small profiles at a future stage.

The advanced automation system and all electricals will be supplied by Danieli Automation.

New Danieli medium-section mill for Gerdau Açominas, Brazil

Gerdau Açominas has contracted Danieli Morgårdshammar to supply a new medium-section mill to produce up to 650,000 tpy of beams and medium size profiles.

The new plant will be based on the PSP-Profile Sizing Process, Danieli’s cost-breaking innovation that achieves high efficiency, productivity and product quality in beam and medium section mills.

The state-of-the-art rolling mill will be fed by a 180-tph Danieli Centro Combustion walking beam reheating furnace, designed to heat blooms up to 280x200 mm, and 430x350x90-mm beam blanks.

The hot-rolling area will be composed of a break-down stand and the PSP intermediate and finishing sizing line in its “compact” version (PSPCo) which will include a four-stand UFR Ultra Flexible Reversing pre-finishing /finishing-sizing mill, made up of “U1“-“U2“ universal and “E” edging reversing stands, plus the “UF” universal stand that will be used only for the single finishing sizing pass.

The mill’s finishing end includes cooling bed, on-line Jumbo-size straightener, cutting-to-length, automatic stacking and collecting facilities.

Its product range will include 6 to 12-in. wide flange beams, 5 to 6-in. standard beams, 5 to 8-in. channels, and correspondent angles and flats. The mill is designed to produce beams up to 24-in. W-beams at later stage.

All electricals and the advanced automation system will be supplied by Danieli Automation.

Startup of the plant is scheduled for autumn 2010.

Gerdau Ameristeel contracts Danieli for the upgrading of two of its plants in USA

Gerdau Ameristeel Sayreville (NJ)
Upgrading of the existing rebar mill at Sayerville will involve installing a new Danieli compact twist-free roughing mill, made up of five ESS-585 cantilever stands in vertical and horizontal orientation and associated crop shear. This will enable the mill to accommodate 130-mm-square billets, rolled at rates of up to 135 shtph with enhanced plant operation and efficiency.

Gerdau Ameristeel St.Paul (MN)
Upgrading of the existing rebar mill with new Danieli finishing end composed of a bar counting, bundling, strapping, tagging and collecting station, suitable for processing #4 to #18 rebars and 0.5 to 4-in. round bars, in up to 4.7-ton, 65-ft-long quality bundles, at rates of up to 140 shtph.

Startup of is foreseen in the Q4 and in the Q2, 2009, respectively.

First of the two new Danieli H-Beam rolling mills started up at Hebei Jinxi, P.R. of China

At the end of July 2008, the new RM No. 1 medium-section mill started its hot commissioning stage at Jinxi Iron & Steel Co. Ltd., Hebei Province. Startup of its “twin” plant, the RM No. 2 mill, will take place in autumn this year.

The two state-of-the-art rolling mills, both supplied by Danieli and each with a nominal capacity of 800,000 tpy, are designed to produce 100 to 400-mm high-quality parallel-flange H-beams, and corresponding I-beams, angles, and channels, at rates of up to 165 tph (or 190 tph in hot-charge mode). Each of the “twin” plants is made up basically of a break-down mill, a 10-stand universal/ horizontal super-flexible intermediate/finishing mill, cooling bed and downstream in-line straightening, cut to length, automatic stacking, bundling and collecting services.

New Danieli slab conditioning line in Jindal Stainless Steel, India.

Jindal Stainless Steel Ltd (India) awarded to Danieli Centro Maskin an order for a new slab conditioning line. The line, designed for processing stainless steel slabs with a length of up to 14 m, will be equipped with a main grinding unit powered by a 315-kW motor. The order also includes all the complete slab handling system, to be supplied by Danieli Metallurgical Equipment (DME) in China.

Danieli Automation will supply the complete electrical equipment and Level 1 automation system (with provision for a future extension to Level 2).

The shipment and commissioning of the new line are foreseen by the end of 2008 and Q1 of 2009, respectively.

Second Danieli superflexible bar and rod mill in operation at Kroman Çelik, Turkey

Kroman Çelik’s 500,000-tpy No. 2 Danieli superflexible bar and rod mill completed its start up stage in July 2008, with the commissioning of the high speed wire rod line. The mill had an earlier start in February this year, with the beginning operation of the straight bar production outlet.

Another Danieli multi-line rolling mill for long products of corresponding size and capacity (RM No. 1) operates successfully at the site (Gebze, near Istanbul) since 2006.

The new 120-tph RM No. 2 mill is arranged over 20 rolling stands in continuous, straight bar production outlet and a high-speed wire rod line with a 10- pass finishing block, and a wire rod controlled-cooling line.

As with RM No. 1, the new plant is directly connected to the six-strand Danieli conticaster for hot charging of billets.

The product range is 8 to 50-mm deformed (or up to 75 mm plain) bars, 5.5 to 20 mm plain (or up to 16 mm deformed) wire rod in coils up to 3.4 t, in low- to high-carbon and engineering steels.
Danieli Automation supplied electricals, automation and process control systems.

New 800,000-tpy Danieli high-speed rebar mill to LISCO, Libya

In June 2008 Libyan Iron & Steel Co (LISCO) awarded Danieli Morgårdshammar the order for a new 800,000-tpy high-speed rolling mill for producing 8 to 40-mm-dia deformed bars, on a complete turnkey supply basis. Main highlights of the new plant will be its high production capacity and the very high finishing speed for small-size bars, delivered onto the cooling bed at up to 37 mps through the Double Twin-Channel system. The plant layout is arranged over a 16-stand continuous mill plus two 6-pass high-speed twist-free finishing blocks, fed by two-strand slit-rolled stock coming from the upstream intermediate mill. In this way the smaller bar sizes will be produced on two strands at very high speed, fully exploiting the mill's capacity for the whole product range (over 140-tph already with 10-mm and larger-dia bars). On-line water quenching and self-tempering of rebars will be performed by two QTB lines, located at the finishing blocks’ delivery side.

Danieli Automation will supply electricals and fully integrated automation system, while the 150-tph walking hearth reheating furnace will be from Danieli Centro Combustion.

The complete turnkey supply will include all auxiliary plants and systems, auxiliary equipments, cranes and transportation means, buildings and civil works.

Plant startup is scheduled for the Q4 2010.

New Danieli meltshop for the 800,000-tpy SBQ minimill in operation at Nucor Steel Memphis (TN), USA

The 90-t EAF-based complete meltshop, supplied by Danieli as part of the new Special Bar Quality minimill in Memphis, was successfully started up and operates since July 2008.

The plant is part of a steel complex that, when completed with the start up of the hot-rolling facilities later on this year, will embrace the complete production cycle for SBQ bars, from steel melting to secondary refining, round bloom conticasting, hot rolling, in-line inspection, and cold finishing.

The equipment supplied by Danieli has made it possible to revive the idled Memphis site which was acquired by Nucor through the acquisition of Birmingham Steel Corp. in December 2002.

The meltshop is based on a 90-t ultra high-power FastArc™ single-charge EAF, fitted with all the latest technologies for the highest level of performance at optimized energy consumption rates. Liquid steel processing is performed in a secondary refining station made up of a LMF station and a twin-tank VTD station equipped with combined steam-ejectors/water ring pumps.

The three-strand FastCast™bloom casting machine features high-speed casting of high quality blooms in the range of 267 to 511-mm-dia rounds.

The rolling mill upgrade has involved a major modification of the billet mill supplied by Danieli in the year 1997, transforming it into a 150-tph modern SBQ mill for production of 57 to 230-mm-dia finished rounds and equivalent squares, as well as 305-mm and 203-mm semi-finished squares for re-rolling, in a large variety of engineering and special steels for the automotive and mechanical construction industry (startup scheduled in autumn 2008).

Danieli Automation has supplied an advanced Level 1 and 2 automation systems for the whole plant, as well as the electrical equipment for the meltshop and the conticaster.

Danieli contracted for additional upgrading of special steel rolling mill at Rodacciai-Sirone, Italy

After the recent order awarded to Danieli for the modification of its large-size special steel bar mill in Sirone (Lecco) with new straight bars finishing line (cooling bed and downstream finishing facilities), Rodacciai has again contracted Danieli to install a new bar-in-coil-line of the latest Danieli generation at the same plant.
The new facilities, basically composed of two Garret coilers, associated water-cooling boxes at the entry side and coil-handling, transportation and finishing facilities, will be suitable for coiling of up to 64-mm-dia rounds (and up to 52.5-mm hexagons) in high-quality coils weighing 3,000 kg, at rates of 100 tph.
The range of steel grades produced includes engineering and stainless steel in austenitic and martensitic grades. The startup of the new line will take place in autumn 2009.

New Danieli fume dedusting plant in operation at Sidetur Casima, Venezuela

A new Danieli fume dedusting system is in operation successfully at Sidetur Casima’s 550,000-tpy steelmaking plant in Puerto Ordaz. The new FTP, equipped with a canopy hood to control the secondary dust emissions that occur during charging and tapping phases and with “Pulse-Jet”-type filter, treats the primary and secondary fumes of existing 85-t EAF and LF units.

The new environmental-friendly facility, featuring a 11,760-m2 filter surface and designed for a 1.2-Mm3/h maximum fume flow rate, has made it possible to comply with the local environmental regulations, granting a maximum dust emission of 10 mg/Nm3 at the stack outlet.

Danieli contracted for major revamping of a billet caster at Southern Steel BHD, Malaysia

Danieli Centro Met has been awarded the order for the modernization of the five-strand, 9-m radius conticaster that produces 120 to 140-mm square billets, for increasing product quality and operation efficiency. The revamping will consist in the installation of new high-speed moulds, a new hydraulic oscillation system, a new secondary cooling design, new mould level controls and associated auxiliaries. Danieli Automation will supply the equipment control system.
Startup of the revamped machine is expected in autumn 2009.

New Danieli Centro Maskin chain track combined drawing line for Trafilix, Italy

Trafilix (Lucefin Group) has placed an order with Danieli Centro Maskin (DCMK) for a 10-t drawing force high-speed coil-to-bar combined drawing line for finished bar diameters up to 25 mm, to be installed at Tre Valli plant. The innovative chain track drawing line will operate at speeds up to 180 mpm (50% faster than the equivalent traditional cam drive unit). The line will include a double head chamfering unit capable of chamfering and facing at the record maximum rate of 48 bars per minute.

Further to the higher drawing speed, the chain track technology makes possible a stricter cut-to-length tolerances, lower maintenance costs, and easier/quicker set-up compared with the traditional cam draw bench.

Over 40 Centro Maskin chain track plants have now been sold worldwide, both for ferrous and non ferrous drawing applications. Three other similar chain track units have recently been purchased by leading cold finishing companies like Rodacciai and Stainless Bars (Cogne Group), reconfirming DCMK leading position in this field.


Additional minimill upgrading at Aceros Arequipa, Peru

In December 2005, Corporacion Aceros Arequipa SA awarded Danieli the order for the additional upgrading of its steelmaking, casting and rolling plant in Pisco, for further increasing its overall production capacity and for extending the final hot-rolled products sizes range.

Previous upgrading steps carried out by Danieli at Pisco minimill included the upgrading of a 40-t EAF, ladle furnace and conticaster, a new fume treatment plant, the modernization of the rolling mill and its completion with a new high-speed wire rod line.

Rolling mill capacity (presently of 300,000 tpy with a product mix that includes up to 40-mm-dia round bars, up to 50-mm angles and 5.5 to 16-mm wire rod in coils weighing 500 kg) will now be brought to 500,000 tpy.

The product range will be extended up to 100-mm-dia rounds, 100-mm angles and correspondent channels and flat bars.

The installation of a new 70-t EAF, as well as a further implementation of the 4-strand conticaster and FTP will enable to cope with the new operating conditions. Danieli will also supply a new 130-t casting crane.

The rolling mill will be fed by a new 80-tph Danieli Centro Combustion walking hearth reheating furnace designed for future connection to the conticaster for hot-charging purposes.

The rolling mill will be transformed into a fully-continuous arrangement through the installation of SHS housingless stands and auxiliary machinery.

All this will enable to exploit the wire rod line at its full design capacity, allowing production of up to 2-t coils.

Danieli Automation will supply all electricals and an advanced process control and automation system for the whole minimill upgrading.

Startup of the upgraded Pisco minimill is scheduled for spring 2007.

When in full operation this will be the most advanced and productive long product minimill in Perù and one of best in the whole area.  

Danieli 100-t EAF and special steel bloom caster started up at Hengyang, P.R. China

In November 2005 a new 100-t Danieli EAF and a 4-strand Danieli “FastCast” conticaster for large-size special steel round blooms started operation at the Hengyang Steel Tube Co. Ltd. meltshop in Hengyang (Hunan Valin Group), Hunan Province.

The new full-platform split-shell type EAF, fitted with the latest Danarc Module technology, feeds the new 4-strand Danieli bloom caster successfully started up together with the EAF.

The 12-m-radius conticaster is designed for producing approximately 600,000 tpy of 220, 280 and 330-mm-dia round blooms in a wide range of quality and special steels for production of high-quality seamless tubes, including high-pressure tubes.

The state-of-the-art “FastCast” conticaster features stopper rod operation, hydraulically-controlled oscillating tables, mould EMS and air-mist secondary cooling system.

Danieli Automation has supplied an advanced Level 2 automation and process control system. 

130-t Danieli ladle furnace for SAIL BSP, India

Danieli Centro Met will supply a 130-t ladle furnace to Bhilai Steel Plant (BSP) for the Steel Meltshop II in the State of Madhyapradesh, in which Danieli Wean United will supply a new slab caster and where the revamping of a plate mill is also being carried out.

The new ladle furnace, supplied on a complete turnkey basis, will process a wide range of steel grades, from low to high carbon, including high tensile, boiler grades, line pipe steel (API grades), EDD, and rail steels.

The project will be executed by a consortium led by Danieli and made up of Danieli Engineering India and the Indian company Beekey.

The scope of supply extends from the technological equipment to the installation and commissioning, including the LF electrode regulation system and Level 2 automation by Danieli Automation, the fume treatment plant, the ferroalloy feeding and additive system, the water treatment plant, the civil works and structures.

Plant commissioning is expected to take place in March 2007.

Danieli HSS high-speed wire rod cropping shears
High performance at SN Longos Seixal, Portugal

The two Danieli HSS shears installed at the SN Longos (Megasa Group) high-speed wire rod mill consistently perform automatic head and tail cropping of wire rod just before the loop layers at operating speeds of 100 mps, on regular production basis.

The HSS units are part of the existing SN Longos mill major upgrading, carried out by Danieli, which has transformed the previous single-strand line into a 150-tph highly-efficient, high-speed 2-strand bar and rod mill which started operation up at beginning of 2005.

SN Longos wire rod line produces 5.5 to 24-mm plain and 5 to 16-mm-dia deformed wire rod in 2.1-ton coils in low to high carbon steel grades.

The latest generation Danieli HSS shears in operation at SN Longos have a unique ultra-compact arrangement (2.7-m overall length) thanks to its single pair blade-holder and single drive patented design. This enables wire rod cropping and chopping to be carried out by the same pair of blade-holders and with a limited number of cutting blades resulting in better machine operation, minimized blades changing time and reduced spare parts and consumables cost.

The HSS shear is the ideal tool for reducing manpower and production cost in modern wire rod mills. 

Since 1994 Danieli supplied 13 HSS units worldwide, 7 of which in the last 4 years. 

Danieli special steel wire rod line for Ori Martin, Italy

In November 2005 Ori Martin, leading producer of quality and special steels in Italy,  contracted Danieli for the supply of a new high-speed wire rod line for its combined bar and rod mill in Brescia.

The new 90-tph hi-tech wire rod line will replace the Danieli wire rod production outlet successfully operating since middle ‘80s. New line’s operation will enable to enhance the final product quality, to enlarge the range of the on-line heat-treated steel grades and to increase the finishing speed to 110 mps.

All the latest Danieli Morgårdshammar technologies available in high-speed rolling of quality wire rod will be applied to the new line which will be basically made up of on-line pre-cooling facilities (as part of the advanced DSCPlus Danieli Structure Control system), 8-pass super heavy duty high-speed finishing block and laying head of the latest Danieli generation and controlled cooling conveyor with RRT/Easy-Down coil forming system.

A trestle-type vertical transporting system will enable coil transfer to the existing C-Hook conveyor in the original as-formed condition, resulting in enhanced coil final quality.

Among new line’s various technological highlights, particularly worth to be mentioned is:

· LTR Low-Temperature Rolling capability which will enable on-line direct control of rolled stock grain size and technological properties, resulting in elimination or minimization of traditional downstream heat treatments.

· Laying head unique patented design with oil-film plain bearing rotor supporting system, for absolute operation stability and minimized maintenance.

· DSCPlus computer model, the ultimate innovation for pre-calculation of rolling and cooling parameters and for prediction of wire rod final microstructure evolution and mechanical properties.

Range of products will be 5.5 to 22-mm-dia quality wire rod in up to 2.4-t coils for automobile industry and similar specialized applications, produced at maximum finishing speeds of 110 mps.

The complete L1 and L2 automation system, as well as electricals, of the new wire rod line will be supplied by Danieli Automation.

The supply will be on a complete turnkey basis, excluding the civil works.

Line’s start up is scheduled for autumn 2006.

 Danieli H-Beam mill sets production record at Masteel, P.R. China

The super-flexible medium section mill in operation at Maanshan Iron & Steel (Masteel) has recently set another record, reaching 2,767 tons of daily production.

This state-of-the-art rolling mill, successfully started up in April 2005, produces a wide range of sections, including up to 400-mm high-quality parallel flange beams, ultra-light H-beams, I-beams and corresponding channels.

Based on the latest universal rolling technology, it is made up of 15 SHS housingless stands in 2-high horizontal or universal arrangement equipped with automatic quick program changing system.

All universal stands can be quickly re-assembled as 2-high stands, to adjust the mill to the roll pass schedule depending on the product being rolled. This feature, together with the quick stand changing system, substantially benefits plant efficiency and availability contributing in enhancing mill productivity.

 Danieli automatic stacking facilities at Performa SA, Argentina.

Danieli Morgårdshammar has been awarded the order for the supply of a new automatic staking plant to Performa SA (formerly F. Bonelli y Cia, Arcelor group), for upgrading and completion of the existing San Nicolas section mill finishing end.

The 12-m-long single-head magnetic stacker, to be installed at delivery side of the existing straightener and cold cut-to-length facilities, will be suitable to process 19 to 76-mm angles, correspondent channels, beams, flats, tees and up to 38-mm round and square bars at rates of 40 tph in a first stage.

The unit will be able to handle two 6-m-long or one 12-m-long bar layers for formation of

regular stacks with minimum weight of 1 ton (max 4 ton), automatically strapped or tied.

Future extension with an additional sector for reaching an overall length of 18 m is foreseen for coping with production capacities of up to 60 tph.

Danieli Automation will supply the automation and electricals.

Startup of the new facilities is scheduled for the end of year 2006.

Danieli superflexible bar mill for Arcelor Huta Warszawa, Poland

Arcelor has selected Danieli as supplier of its new bar mill to be installed at the existing steel complex in Warszaw, Poland.

Installation of the new superflexible mill as a completion of the steel meltshop, also supplied by Danieli at middle 90’s, will create a new state-of-the-art complete minimill which will be one of the most advanced and highly productive plants of this type in Europe.

The supply will be on a complete turnkey basis, excluding civil works, and will include all technological equipment making up the mill and all associated auxiliary plants and systems such as water treatment plant, emergency diesel generator, etc.

The mill will be fed by a 160-tph Danieli Centro Combustion walking-hearth reheating furnace which will be directly connected to the existing continuous caster for direct hot charging of billets.

The 18-stand Danieli Morgårdshammar mill will be entirely made up of heavy-duty SHS housingless stands with automatic fast changing system for maximized mill efficiency and operation flexibility.

The advanced L1 and L2 automation system, as well as all mill drives (full-digital AC type) and electrical equipment for the whole mill and auxiliary services, will be supplied by Danieli Automation.

The mill will be able to produce a very broad range of product sizes and steel grades.

Plant start-up is scheduled in 2007.

New Danieli steel meltshop at SeAH Besteel, Korea
In October 2005 SeAH Besteel, the main supplier of special steel materials for the automobile industry in Korea, contracted Danieli Centro Met for the supply of a new 80-t EAF and a new bloom caster, which will further increase Kunsan special steel plant’s current productivity.

This additional order strengthens the long relationship between SeAH Besteel and Danieli, established with the previous expansion steps of the same steelmaking plant.

This included the installation of a 3-strand billet caster (2001), a 2-strand large-size bloom caster (started up in September 2005) and the upgrade of EAF #1 and #2.

The new order includes an 80-t Danarc EAF, a new 16.5-m-radius 2-strand FastCast bloom caster and a new automation system extended to the existing LF-VD station.

The new EAF will be equipped by the most advanced technological packages such as high-performance Modules and Hi-Reg Plus electrode-control system, which already operate successfully at the previously upgraded EAF #1 and #2.

The new conticaster will produce 390x510-mm blooms mostly in medium alloy and high-carbon steels. Similar to the one recently started up, it will feature all latest Danieli conticasting technology, such as hydraulic oscillation, Dynamic SOFT Reduction application by 10 withdrawal units for each strand, and a Quench Box system for direct hot charging of blooms. Advanced mould design, and strand and final EMS will as well contribute to enhance final product quality.

Danieli Automation will provide a Level 1 and 2 automation system for the new equipment, along with the complete revamping for the existing automation system to be installed on the LF-VD plant.

The new equipment will be started up in Q3, 2006.

  Third 150-t DC EAF restarts operation at Essar Steel, India
In mid October 2005, a third 150-t DC Electric Arc Furnace restarted operation at Essar Steel’s Hazira works, to full Customer satisfaction, after major upgrade carried out by Danieli Centro Met aimed at increasing plant productivity.

Within the frame of the order awarded to Danieli in 2003 two other similar units underwent the same modification and restarted successfully in December 2004 and May 2005, respectively.

The EAF upgrades included installation of the latest generation multi-purpose O2/C injection units; shell enlargement for heat size increase to 155 t; pneumatic-type lime injection; automatic temperature control and sampling; and upgrading of the fume-extraction system.

An advanced Level 2 automation system (also in charge of the ladle furnace operation) was part of the upgrade, too.
As a confirmation of the excellent results obtained with the firs three upgraded EAFs, Danieli has been recently awarded with an order for modification of a fourth 150-t EAF.

 New Danieli billet inspection and conditioning plant for NTS Steel, Thailand
NTS Steel (member of the Millennium Steel Group) has recently awarded Danieli Centro Maskin (DCMK) the order for upgrading its Chonburi plant with the installation of a new inspection and conditioning plant for processing 130x130 to 160x160 mm, 6 to 12-m-long engineering steel billets.

The inspection facilities will have a capacity of over 0.5 Mtpy, while the conditioning plant, based on a Danieli Centro Maskin grinding machine in the first stage, will be suitable for processing more than 120,000 tpy of billets with the possibility of doubling output by installation of a second grinder.

The grinding machine, based on the latest Hi-GRIND technology (the digital evolution of the previous analogical PowCo system), will ensure the best surface quality.

The grinder will be equipped with a 160-kW AC motor and will have the flexibility to use different sizes of grinding wheels.

The high standardisation of all components and the well proven process utilised in this case, will allow Danieli to deliver all the equipment in not more than 8 months while the start of production is expected by the end of summer 2006.

The electrical equipment and the automation system will be supplied by Danieli Automation.

 New Danieli 400,000-tpy quality bar mill at Stomana Industry, Bulgaria
Stomana Industry SA, the leading steel manufacturer in Bulgaria (part of the Greek group Sidenor), will install a new Danieli bar mill at its Pernik steel works, with the aim of expanding production capacity and improving product quality.

At an initial stage the mill will produce 400,000-tpy of 16 to 120-mm quality plain rounds and 8 to 40-mm deformed bars using the 4-strand slit-rolling technology for the smaller rebar sizes. Steel grades will range from low and medium carbon to cold-heading and free-cutting steel qualities.

The mill, fed by a 120-tph Danieli Centro Combustion walking beam reheating furnace, will be composed of 18 SHS stands in continuous with quick changing facilities, QTB system for on-line quenching of rebars, rake-type cooling bed and associated finishing facilities for straight bars.

The advanced automation system and electrics will be supplied by Danieli Automation.
In future the mill will be upgraded and completed to increase productivity and to extend the range to sections, bar-in-coils, wire rod and larger-size round bars of up to 180-mm-dia.

The new mill will be fed with billets and blooms up to 250x300 mm coming from the 150-tph, four-strand FastCast Danieli conticaster, in operation at the same works since 2002. Startup of the new mill is scheduled by the end of 2006.

 New 0.6-Mtpy Danieli SBQ mill at Hunan Valin Xiangtan, P.R. of China
The new 120-tph mill, designed for low temperature rolling of 16 to 55-mm straight and coiled bars and hexagons for automotive and mechanical manufacturing purposes, will be made up of 16 housingless H - V stands, on-line water cooling boxes for LTR rolling and a 5-passKocks/Danieli RSB Reducing and Sizing Block.

The RSB, thanks to its 3-roll technology and a wide free-size rolling capability, combines the benefits of superior product quality with higher mill efficiency at lower operating costs.

State-of-the-art finishing outlets for bars and coils fitted with on-line heat treatment facilities will grant production of superior quality finished products.

The straight bars finishing line will include automatic cooling bed, cut-to-length, bundling and collecting facilities.
The coiling line, designed for production of 2-t coils, will be made up of two rotary-plate Garret coilers, coil-handling system, walking beam controlled-cooling conveyor, and coil compacting, tying and collecting facilities.

Steel grades will range from quality carbon to alloy steels, including cold-heading, spring and free-cutting qualities.
Startup is scheduled for the beginning of year 2007.
This mill adds another reference to the scorecard of Danieli SBQ and special steel mills in China, which already includes several plants in operation, close to startup, or under supply. The most significant of these are: Baosteel Shanghai No. 5 bar and rod mill, Xinjiang Bay and two Qingdao special steel wire rod mills, Chengde and Shijiazhuang SBQ mills, Tianjin Tiangang twin bar mills and the two Jiangyin Xing Cheng special steel mills, presently under construction.

 New Danieli Spooler line started up at Corrugados Azpeitia, Spain
Corrugados Azpeitia SL (Alfonso Gallardo Group) has added a new Danieli Spooler line to the existing bar mill in Azpeitia.

The new line, which delivered its first spooled coils successfully on November 3rd 2005, enables the company to supply the market with 8 to 32-mm-dia rebars, twist-free-wound at speeds of up to 35-mps into 1.8-t ultra-compact high-quality spooled output rates of 110 tph.

Spooling technology, thanks to twist-free winding of hot-rolled rebars, grants a unique, cobble-free uncoiling capability that makes traditional off-line cold decoiling, stretching and rewinding unnecessary, with significant savings in transformation costs. Coil handling, storage and transportation are also highly benefited.

This way new interesting niches can be opened in the present bar-in-coil market.
Danieli Automation has supplied the electric and automation systems for the new line.
Danieli Spooling system has introduced a radical change in the bar-in-coil production technology. Danieli scorecard presently includes 28 Spooler units supplied or under supply, worldwide.

 Danieli bar finishing line inaugurated at Gerdau Piratini, Brazil
A new automatic bar straightening, inspection and conditioning line, supplied by Danieli Centro Maskin (DCMK), has been started up at the Gerdau Aços Especiais Piratini specialty steel plant in Charqueadas (RS)

The line, made up of an RLL 160 two-roll straightener plus chamfering, cutting and handling equipment, was officially inaugurated in a ceremony held on September 21st 2005, in the presence of local authorities.

The line has a 160,000-tpy nominal productivity of (based on a two daily shifts) and is designed to process 50 to 105-mm-dia, 3 to 12-m long bars in engineering steels with up to 1100 N/mm2 yield strength, at max speeds of 70 mpm.

Two similar DCMK plants successfully operate at Aços Finos Piratini plant since 1997 and 1998, respectively.

 Danieli special steel bar finishing line for Cogne, Italy

Cogne Acciai Speciali has contracted Danieli for the supply of a new state-of-the-art finishing line for its special steel bar mill, to maximize plant efficiency, material yield and final product quality.

The new line will process stainless steel bars in sizes ranging from 18 to 105-mm-dia rounds and equivalent squares and hexagons, collected in up to 3-t regular bundles, at rates of up to 50 tph.

The supply will include a new 42-m-long rake-type cooling bed with feeding and delivery tables, cut-to-length, bundling and collecting facilities plus associated electricals and automation system.

A dedicated project execution schedule will enable installation of the new facilities with a very limited plant outage, and consequent minimized loss of production.

Plant restart after modification is scheduled for end August 2006

Danieli conticaster for special steel bloom at Benxi, P.R. China
Bengang Steel Plates Co. Ltd. (part of Benxi Iron & Steel Group) has contracted Danieli for the supply of a new large bloom caster for quality and special steel grades.

The 4-strand, 14-m radius conticaster will have an 800,000-tpy designed capacity of 350x470 mm blooms in different demanding steel grades including automotive, gear, engineering, spring and bearing qualities.

Individual strand productivity values ranging from 40 tph up to 60 tph are expected, depending on steel grade and ladle sequence index.

Ladle shroud, tundish stopper rod device associated with submerged nozzle and with mould powder automatic feeding system will allow for a complete protection of liquid steel stream, thus reducing the oxygen pick-up and consequently the non-metallic inclusion content.

The curved copper plate mould and relevant water cooling system design is based on an advanced concept to ensure a very efficient and consistent heat removal.

Danieli Rotelec mould electromagnetic stirrer is envisaged, to achieve high sub-surface and internal quality of the cast product.

Hydraulic mould oscillation will further improve the surface quality of the cast blooms.
Mechanical soft reduction at the unbending and straightening rollers will be applied for high carbon steels.
Complete process control with Level 2 automation is secured, including the finite elements dynamic solidification model, necessary to get the best use of the mechanical soft reduction.

Startup of the new caster is scheduled for the end of 2006.

Danieli special steel caster for large-size blooms started up at SeAH Besteel, Korea
On September 5th 2005, a new conticaster for large-size special steel blooms started operation at the SeAH Besteel Co. steelmaking shop in Kunsan, excellently performing from the start.

This is the result of the complete reconstruction of an existing two-strand bloom caster that transformed it into a new state-of-the-art modern machine, featuring all latest Danieli technological packages such as hydraulic oscillation, dynamic soft reduction and surface quenching system for blooms direct hot charge. Machine re-construction also included the latest-generation tundish design, new moulds, mould stirrers, new arrangement of secondary cooling and new straightening units.

The new caster has enabled to enlarge the cast size from previous 370x480 mm to present 390x510 mm blooms, mostly in medium alloy and high carbon steels, at higher output rates and with better cast bloom internal and surface quality.

Danieli Automation has supplied a new complete Level 1 and 2 automation system.

Mega-order for Danieli Spooler plants at Celsa Group in UK, Spain and Poland
After the success of the Danieli Spooler plant in operation at its Nervacero SA, Vizcaya plant in Spain, Celsa has reconfirmed its confidence in Danieli by awarding the orders for another three high-capacity Spooler lines to be installed at its Cardiff (UK), Castellbisbal (Spain) and Huta Ostrowiec (Poland) bar mills.

When in operation at late 2006/early 2007 these three new lines, together with the Nervacero Spooler plant, will make Celsa Group the largest producer of spooled coils in the world, with a designed overall production capacity of approximately 2 Mtpy, depending on production mix and market demand.

More specifically, the new Celsa Spooler lines will all be designed for production of 8 to 32-mm-dia rebars at maximum rated outputs of 180 tph (160 tph for the UK plant).

Coil weight will be 2.9-t for the Castellbisbal and for the Huta Ostrowiec plants, while the Cardiff line will produce 2.2-t spooled coils. The equipment is anyhow designed for up to 3.5-t coil weight.

The patented Danieli Spooler system has brought-in a real revolution in bar-in-coil production, enabling supply of high-quality ultra-compact heavy weight coils made up of twist-free wound hot-rolled round and deformed bars. Featuring cobble-free uncoiling capability, spooled coils can be directly used for direct feeding of the downstream lines in the cold processing plants, without any intermediate off-line operation (i.e.: decoiling, stretching and cold rewinding) with significant benefits in the direct production costs and in coil handling, transport and storage.

Significantly, the present Danieli scorecard includes a total of 28 Spooling units (16 of which for the Celsa Group) supplied or under supply for 12 different Customers, worldwide. This fact, together with the excellent results obtained in the plants already in operation, reconfirms Danieli as the undisputed leader for this innovative technology.

Danieli Spooler line technology at Alphasteel, UK
Alphasteel Ltd will become the 12th user worldwide for this innovative bar-in-coil technology, developed and patented by Danieli.

The recent order foresees the addition of a new Spooler line to the Newport high-speed compact bar mill supplied by Danieli in the late ‘80s.

The new line will enable production of 8 to 20-mm-dia rebars twist-free wound at speeds of up to 31 mps into high-quality ultra-compact 1.8-t spooled coils, at rates of 70 tph.

Spooled coils unique cobble-free uncoiling capability will enable their use for direct feeding of the subsequent cold processing lines without any intermediate off-line operation (i.e. decoiling, stretching and cold rewinding) with significant production cost savings. Coil handling, transport and storage will also be highly benefited.

Danieli Automation will supply electricals and automation system for the line.
Startup will take place at beginning of year 2007.

Danieli to upgrade Burbach wire rod mill at Saarstahl, Germany
Upgrading of the multi-strand mill will involve the transformation of the existing 4-strand pre-finishing mill into four independent single-strand, twist-free / tension-free pre-finishing rolling lines with fast program changing system.

Each new line will be made up of four ESS cantilever stands in H-V sequence, a two-pass pre-finishing Miniblock and auxiliary equipment. The ESS stands will be equipped with Sandwich system for quick and simultaneous replacement of rolling rings and guides. All prefinishing units are adjustable under load and are equipped with axial roll ring clamping system.

The new arrangement will enable proper feeding of the existing finishing blocks with maximized mill’s efficiency and plant availability.

Equipment erection is also included in the Danieli scope of supply.
Danieli long experience in revamping of existing plants will enable to optimize the site activities schedule for minimizing the plant stoppage to 30 days.

The 4-strand Burbach wire rod mill produces approximately 1.1-Mtpy of 5.0 to 15.0-mm-dia low, medium and high carbon wire rod, including steel cord, PC, welding wire, bearing, cold heading and free cutting steels in coils weighing 1000 to 3,000 kg.

Start up of the modified plant is foreseen for early 2007.

Danieli EWR® billet welding lines at Al Ittefaq Steel, Saudi Arabia
Danieli will supply new EWR® Endless Welding Rolling lines to Al Ittefaq Steel rolling mills in  Damman and Jeddah, for on-line automatic welding of 150-mm-billets at rates of 75 tph and 120 tph, respectively.

Through on-line automatic head-to-tail flash welding of billets at the delivery side of the reheating furnace, the EWR® system enables endless-rolling operation at the mill, significantly benefiting plant productivity, efficiency, material yield and production costs.

This order will bring to three the EWR® lines in Saudi Arabia and enlarges the Danieli scorecard list to a total of 16 units supplied or under supply worldwide since 1997, thus reconfirming the undisputed leadership in this field.

Startup of the new facilities is scheduled for early 2007.

New Danieli wire rod mill at Diler Demir Çeljk, Turkey
A Danieli Morgårdshammar high-speed wire rod mill will be installed at the 1.2-Mtpy steel complex in Gebze, where a Danieli 6-strand high-speed conticaster successfully operates since year 2000.

The new state-of-the art mill will have a capacity of 400,000-tpy of quality steel wire rod, with a range covering 5.5 to 18-mm-dia plain and 6 to 16-mm-dia deformed wire rod in 2.3-t coils with provision for future extension up to 3.0-t coil weight.

Steel grades are LC, MC, HC and alloy qualities for a wide range of applications including mechanical engineering, drawing, cold heading, spring, bearing and tyre cord.

The single-strand wire rod mill will be fed by a 100-tph Danieli Centro Combustion walking beam reheating furnace and will be basically made up of an 18-stand roughing/intermediate mill on SHS stands plus a 10-pass DWB finishing block for wire rod finishing rolling at production speed of 105 mps.

Provision is made for future expansion to straight bars production.

The advanced Lev 2 automation system and all electrics will be from Danieli Automation.

Plant start up is scheduled for Spring 2007.

New Danieli automatic bar finishing line at Gerdau Riograndense, Brazil
The order for the upgrade of the rolling mill for bars and light sections was awarded to Danieli Morgårdshammar in August 2005.

According to the agreements reached, the existing cooling bed will be extended and completed with installation of new water cooling system, layer forming and regular extraction system and roller table for smooth feeding the downstream new finishing facilities.

A new CLS-type unit, made up of a 10-roll multi-strand start-stop straightener and stationary cold shear, will be installed at delivery side of the enlarged cooling bed (at the opposite side of the existing cut-to-length facilities), for on-line automatic straightening and cutting-to-length of light sections and bars.

A new 18-m-long single-head magnetic stacker will enable regular stacking and bundling of finished products into 1-t stacks or bundles, automatically tied and collected.

Danieli Automation will supply electricals and automation system.
The new finishing facilities are designed for processing 25 to 75-mm flats bars, 20 to 65-mm angles, 20-mm tees, 12 to 40-mm rounds and equivalent squares at rates of up to 60 tph.

Startup of the upgraded plant is scheduled for Autumn 2006.
This will be the third plant of this type supplied by Danieli to the Gerdau Group for its plants in Brazil, after the one in operation at Cosigua L3 mill and the other being constructed for the Cosigua L1 mill.

 New Danieli rebar finishing line at Siderurgica Añon, Spain
In September 2005, Siderurgica Añon awarded Danieli Morgårdshammar the order for a new straight bars finishing line for its rolling mil located in La Coruña.

The new line will enable production of 16 to 32-mm-dia rebars into 1.2 to 3.6-t regular bar bundles, at rates of 90 tph.

The supply will also include a QTB system for on-line quenching and self-tempering of rebars.
Danieli Automation will supply the electricals and automation system for the new line.
Startup is scheduled for autumn 2006.