Aluminum Extrusion

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  • Press size ranges from 1100 UST to 11000 UST; short-stroke or conventional design, direct or indirect, with or without piercer; for aluminum, brass or copper
  • Short-stroke design for a smaller footprint and more rigid press frame with consequent improved constant positioning of die and shorter dead cycle time; all stem and dummy block maintenance performed out of press centerline
  • Finite Element Method for dimensioning main cylinder platen, die platen and prefill valve ring
  • Forged Steel Main Cylinder platen, die platen and moving crosshead
  • Pre-stressed forged steel tie rods with casings
  • Flat guide system with independent vertical and horizontal adjustments
  • Butt shear with pivoting blade to insure optimum shear line
  • Stem and dummy block with bayonet type mounting
  • 4 zone container heating and 2 zone container cooling
  • No Burp Extrusion (NBE)
  • Continuous container holder alignment read-out
  • Die ring to bolster profile shearing, on vertical of horizontal axis
  • Die stack locking devices on vertical and horizontal axis to insure a consistent die face position
  • Billet loaders: shuttle or aerial (both for short-stroke press, with onboard pusher & cantilevered loading), or pivoting arm type with adjustable clamp (for conventional press)
  • Oilgear or Rexroth hydraulic system with independent oil cooling & filtering circuit
  • Danieli Breda proprietary design prefill valve
  • Spherical connection between oil tank and prefill valve to compensate for expansion and contraction
  • Allen-Bradley PLC system with BreDanext on-line modem support
  • All main movements and oil level controlled by transducer (Balluf and MTS)













22 - 25 MN
2500 - 2750 UST

32.5 - 35 MN
3600 - 3800 UST
Short - Stroke (side shifting stem)

44 MN
4850 UST
Short - Stroke (vertical shifting stem)