Danieli Corporation is the American Representative of
Danieli & C. SpA
located in Buttrio, Italy

Highly Specialized Field Devices

Danieli Corporation
600 Cranberry Woods Drive
Suite 200
Cranberry Township, PA 16066
Tel: 724.778.5400
Fax: 724.778.5401
Email: sales@danielicorp.com


Instrumentation capable of adding high value features to modern automation and control systems!


  • Laser Profile Gauges
  • Contact-less Optical Gauges
  • Electromagnetic Slag Detection System
  • Automatic Detection of Surface Defects
  • On-Line Weighing System for Rolling Mills
  • Electromagnetic mold level controls
  • Electromagnetic slag detector
  • Loop scanners
  • Hot metal detectors
  • Infrared remote control
  • Electromagnetic sensor to detect the actual  size and weight of rolled stock
  • Electromagnetic sensor to detect the rolled bar tension